The seasons have changed again, and now it is Autumn. Autumn is also called “Fall” by many people.

I have liked this season since I was a small child.  I think that it is my favorite season of the year!


The leaves on trees change turn red or yellow, and then fall to the ground. Flowers and fruit on plants ripen, and birds try to get fat by eating as many as they can! The sun sets earlier, and the wind becomes cold at night.


To stay warm we wear sweaters, scarves, and gloves. The Autumn fashions look great and are very comfortable. This is a season that I like best with a hot cocoa or coffee at a cafe, or a walk in the park.


How about you?

What do you like about the Fall?

Making Pasta!

Do you like to cook?  I do!  I made fresh pasta and want to share it with you!

First, I needed some ingredients.

I had flour, eggs, olive oil, water, salt, tomatoes, and herbs.

I measured 2 cups of flour, and put it on a cutting board.

I made a hole in the flour.  The hole is called a "well".

In the hole, I added two eggs, 25ml of oil, and a "pinch" of salt.

Next, I stirred the ingredients slowly.  I mixed the flour into the other ingredients, a little bit at a time.

The flour and eggs turned into a ball of dough.

I used my hands to knead the dough.  This means that I pushed and folded the dough many times.  Then, it became smooth.

When the dough is mixed, I let it "rest" for 15 minutes.

"Resting" the dough makes it easier to use.

Then I rolled the dough into sticks, and cut the sticks into little pieces.

I used my thumb to press each piece of dough flat.

While I pressed, I rolled my thumb and stretched the dough.

The dough turned into little, curled disks.  They looked like ears!  This pasta is called "orecchiette" in Italian.  This means "little ears" in English!  I wanted to make these for my wife.  Her name is Mimi.  Mimi means "ear" in Japanese!  

It was a funny looking pasta, but it tasted delicious!


To finish your pasta, boil the "ears" in water for 5-8 minutes.

Add your favorite sauce and eat them right away!

If you cool them down in ice water, you can make a pasta salad!

Spicy Chili Peppers!

What types of food do you like?  Do you like spicy food?  There are many types of food that are spicy from around the world.  A popular ingredient to give the food heat is a tasty chili pepper.  Did you know that there are hundreds of kinds of chilis?  Some of them are sweet, some are mild, and some are dangerously spicy!  Many people, like myself, enjoy growing chili peppers as a hobby.  I have grown some of the hottest peppers in the world!  Here is a photo of a beautiful bunch of Fatali chilis growing in my garden.  They are bright yellow, I like that!  Below, is a picture of a Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion chili that I was cooking for a chili contest.  Did you notice that I am wearing gloves to hold it?  That is because the chili is so spicy that it can burn your skin!  I need to be careful to protect myself when I cook them!  Why would anyone want to eat that?!  Besides the spiciness, many chilis have great flavors!  The Fatali tastes a bit like lemons, and the Peach Scorpion chili tastes very fruity!  In the last picture, there are many fruits and vegetables.  I made a delicious hot sauce with those ingredients!  I put the hot sauce on sandwiches, 唐揚げ, 餃子, and almost anything I can think of!  



In many of my photos you might see a strange creature!  My wife and I have a small dog named Hoagie.  He is an uncommon breed of dog in Japan, a Brussels Griffon.  Many people call this breed of dog the "Star Wars" dog, because they look like a character called an "Ewok" from that movie series.  He has a flat face, long legs, floppy ears, and a big beard!  Hoagie is funny little guy!  He likes to eat lettuce, plays with empty PET bottles, and chases pigeons in the park.  I take him for walks to Nojimakoen 野島公園, and around Oppama 追浜 and Kanazawa Hakkei 金沢八景.  If you see us, please say Hello!  Hoagie loves to meet new people and is very friendly!

B, Be, Bee?

Some people have asked me why I have a bee (蜂) for a business logo.  There are several reasons why I chose this design.  To begin with, my name is often difficult for Japanese students to pronounce.  Instead of using the name Brendan, many people use my nickname: "B" or "B-san".  I am teaching North American English mostly, so B + Eigo = Beigo, or 米語.  I am Canadian, but there are few differences between American and Canadian English. (*I will tell you my favorite Canadian word at the end of this post)  So now I have a business name, but in Japan it is very common to have cartoon characters or mascots for a business as well.  Since I already had B and Beigo, I decided a BEE would work just fine.  I am not a very good artist, so my bee character is simple looking.  When you study English, you will find there is a word, "be", that is used often!  It is a very important word in English, so that is the last "B" in


*What is my favorite Canadian English word?  There is a word that is sometimes used in Canadian English, at the end of the sentence.  The word is "eh"!  If you are Japanese, you probably already know the exact meaning and use of this word.  Can you guess?  At the end of Japanese sentences, sometimes people use the word ne (ね).  We use these words to elicit agreement.

Its cold today, eh? means the same as 今日は寒いですね?

Shomioji 称名寺 - a great place for a short hike!
Shomioji 称名寺 - a great place for a short hike!
Zushi Beach, you can see Enoshima and Mt.Fuji from here! (逗子,江ノ島,富士山)
Zushi Beach, you can see Enoshima and Mt.Fuji from here! (逗子,江ノ島,富士山)
Zushi Beach, you can see Enoshima and Mt.Fuji from here! (逗子,江ノ島,富士山)
Zushi Beach, you can see Enoshima and Mt.Fuji from here! (逗子,江ノ島,富士山)
A nice long walk from Zushi will take you through Hayama (葉山) where you can see beautiful houses and rocky beaches.
A nice long walk from Zushi will take you through Hayama (葉山) where you can see beautiful houses and rocky beaches.

Cafe Tsukikoya in Oppama カフェつきこや (追浜,浦郷町)
Cafe Tsukikoya in Oppama カフェつきこや (追浜,浦郷町)

Kanazawa-ku 金沢く

For 8 years, I have visited, and then lived in the Kanazawa-ku area.  I love to explore by walking or biking around.  The pictures here are from Oppama, Zushi, Kanazawa-Hakkei, Hayama, and Kanazawa-Bunko.  If you live in these areas, I can come to do English lessons conveniently at your home or favorite local cafe!  You can also join me at my house for cooking lessons, where we can make fresh Italian pasta and pizza in my pizza oven!