Improve your English today!



My name is Brendan Delhomeau.  You can call me "B".

I live near Kanazawa-Ku in Yokohama.
I have lived here with my Japanese wife, for 4 years.
We moved here from Vancouver, Canada.
I studied Japanese at Langara College in Vancouver, before moving to Japan.  I can speak some Japanese, which might be helpful for you.
I have a TEFL English teaching certificate. 
I am now studying for a certificate to teach English for young learners.
I also studied land and water management at Olds College in Canada.
My hobbies include hiking, photography, gardening, pets, and cooking.
I like to share my culture with others, and like to learn new things about Japan every day.
I want to help you become a better English speaker.
I promise that you will become more confident with your English when you study and practice with me.
My lessons are flexible.  I always want you to be comfortable.  
The style of the lesson is up to you. 
We can do conversation practice, grammar, travel English, and more.  
I look forward to speaking with you!